Lender’s Valuation

A lender (mortgage) valuation isn’t a survey. A valuation is a limited check on the property that your mortgage lender carries out to ensure it’s worth the money they’re lending you.

They’ll probably ask you to pay for the valuation. Lenders might provide a copy of the mortgage valuation to the buyer but it is unlikely to cover most items that would be picked up in a survey.

The property may not even be visited.

There might be problems in the property that would cost a huge amount to put right but which don’t appear in the valuation report. This is why it’s really important for you to have a survey. An RICS surveyor is fully qualified to carry out a detailed survey, before you buy your home.

Private Valuation

We are able to offer a private valuation option if you are buying a house and only require limited information.

Like the lender’s valuation, it is not a survey and is simply concerned with providing you with valuation advice based on a brief and limited assessment of the property and its condition.