Why do you need a survey? Many house buyers rely on the valuation prepared for their building society rather than incur the additional expense of a more detailed, independent report but to do so could prove to be a false economy, costing you thousands of pounds. The mortgage valuation is not a survey and might not uncover hidden defects which could affect the price you should pay for the property, or even cause you to withdraw from the purchase. Only by commissioning your own survey can you be fully aware of the condition of your future home. For small or relatively modern properties i.e. 1900s onwards, the RICS Homebuyers Report might be appropriate, but for older or large properties a more thorough survey is usually more appropriate. The Building Survey is the most detailed report which we offer to buyers of residential property and is the type of report often referred to by clients as a “Structural Survey”.

We will carry out a thorough examination of all accessible parts of the building and then prepare a detailed report tailored to the individual requirements of the property. Our advice will take account of all defects found during the inspection, although we will not necessarily refer to each and every fault. Recommendations might be made for further investigations or specialists reports. We will give you our opinion of the current value of the property, taking its present condition into account. One of the main strengths of the building survey is its flexibility and the report can be adapted to meet your specific needs, for example to include advice on intended alterations. However, any specific requirements of this nature must be discussed with us before the survey is undertaken.

No survey can hope to reveal every defect that might exist in a property and the report should not be looked upon as an absolute guarantee. It is obviously not generally possible to open up the fabric of the building and excavations will not be made to expose foundations. Inevitably, there will be some parts of the building which cannot be reached, especially if it is occupied and furnished. However, the building survey is undoubtedly the best choice for most properties and will give you sound, professional advice on the condition and value of your future home.